You're not the only one.

You're not the only one.

Nearly 25 million adult Americans suffer from adult rash and other discomforts caused by bladder leakage. Despite the common nature of this problem, many people avoid discussing it with their doctors or spouses. People often believe it’s just another part of getting older and assume that there’s nothing they can do. But the truth is, although prevalence does increase with age, initial symptoms of incontinence appear for many men and women as early as age 30.

Did you know occasional leakage can even be triggered by simple things you do everyday such as a cough, a sneeze or even a good laugh. In fact, bladder leakage is so common, approximately a third of all adult men and women experience it at some point in their lives. And this leakage is often the starting point of painful and uncomfortable chafing and rash.

Unfortunately, adult rash can also sometimes lead to emotional discomfort and create distance in our most intimate relationships. Instead of seeking relief, many people attempt to adapt by limiting physical activity in order to accommodate the rash. They no longer enjoy simple pleasures like bike rides, long walks or playing catch with the kids because the discomfort is just too much.

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