What is adult rash?

What is adult rash?

Adult rash discomfort can be disruptive to your life, and generally painful and uncomfortable. Although it is something people don’t tend to talk about, it is not uncommon. Adult rash is not a sign of insufficient care or poor hygiene. It’s simply a result of your skin being frequently exposed to dampness and continually chafed by undergarments. It’s also a condition that is treatable.

Adult rash caused by bladder leakage is a bright red skin rash typically accompanied by a burning, itchy feeling. If left untreated, you can also experience raw, broken skin. Typically, the rash does not spread beyond the edges of your undergarments. It does, however, spread into other parts of your life—you might find yourself becoming less physically active in order to avoid discomfort.

New Balmex Adult Care not only stops the burning and itching, it also stops the rash from controlling your life—fast.

Designed specifically to soothe and protect skin from chafing, irritation and rash, Balmex Adult Care has been proven to reduce redness caused by bladder leakage from the very first use. But as with any skin irritation, if your condition worsens or if your symptoms persist more than 7 days, please consult your doctor.

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