Balmex AdultCare – The clinically proven treatment of Zinc Oxide AND the science of Fecal Enzyme Inhibition (FEI) Technology

Balmex Adultcare gives you the proven treatment AND the technology to improve your patient care and outcomes.

Incontinence and Incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD) are major challenges for health care professionals, particularly those caring for older adults. IAD can cause significant discomfort and pain while leading to more severe complications including pressure ulcers.

In order to improve patient quality of life and patient outcomes, it is critical that health care professionals follow proactive skin care practices and use products specifically formulated to reduce the effects of IAD.

The Benefits of Zinc and FEI Technology

Balmex AdultCare with zinc and fecal enzyme inhibition (FEI) technology can be an invaluable part of any incontinence care regimen, helping to manage symptoms and prevent skin degradation. Its unique formulation combines the protection of zinc oxide with innovative FEI technology to provide a comprehensive solution for incontinent patients.

  • Zinc oxide helps to protect against wetness and chafing, providing a barrier that stops moisture from reaching the skin and causing negative side effects. This is critical to IAD prevention.
  • FEI technology in Balmex products also offers an additional line of defense against IAD. The fecal enzymes lipase, trypsin, urease and protease found in incontinence can accelerate skin degradation, leading to increased risk of IAD and more severe complications. FEI technology has been clinically shown to counteract these enzymes and provide reduced risk of developing symptoms of IAD.

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